Friday, November 13, 2009

Decatur Island Scottish Blackface Sheep

Decatur Island Scottish Blackface Sheep...

they are a rare flock of vagabonds and to the taste of a sheepherder a delicacy ! Born free range on this little island in the Pacific NW, they live true to their nature: a hardy hillsheep that is bonded to its homeground. Year round they freely roam the island grazing the open meadows, browsing through the forests and traveling their familiar trails that criss-cross the island. Lambing January/February the lambs and ewes are tested to the weather and hardened through the scarce availability of feed. These natural survivors know well how to make it through the worst of times and since there is no predators on the island, only the elements provide natural selection.

When spring time comes, the flock is gathered by professional shepherds and their equally professional dogs for shearing, worming and docking, after which they get send back on the hill. Through the scarce contact with human beings, the sheep nature of this flock is maximally preserved. The only other time these sheep are being handled is in the fall when they are gathered again for the lambs to be taken off the island.

Floating across sea on a barge, they are headed towards their new home on the main land. Becoming part of the well renowned Ewe Care flock. Loved by many landowners for their land clearing qualities and even more so by many a sheepdog handler that has enjoyed competing on this flock in the northern WA sheepdog trials.

Sadly, everything has its beginning and its end, and so it is for these sheep at their current home. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they have become a homeless flock, desperately looking for a new shepherd and new pastures.

Wolftown, a non-profit organization based on Vashon Island - WA ( has the potential and intention of taking over this flock and incorporating them into their agricultural program. Thereby keeping this unique flock intact and engaging them in what they have been
bred for: natural land management. With the option of keeping them available to the sheepdog trialing community to enjoy the 'feast of the Scotties' !!

We are calling onto you for help. We are looking for people that want to donate a sheep from this flock to the Wolftown agricultural program. Donations are fully tax deductible. It will be a happy thanksgiving !!

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information:


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