Thursday, October 07, 2010

Here is the deal

The thing about Wolftown is I get a Hunting group, an animal rights group and a farmers group all out to the project to volunteer at one time.

The hunters want to be able to hunt and be outside
The Animal rights group to protect all life
The farmers to raise food.

And I walk a  tightrope balance between.

I frankly am tired of extremes.

Tired of the religion of ideas
Instead of what is actually real.

The hunters must realize that there are others in the woods that hunt for food and are taught by nature to balance the swinging of the land like the tides and moon. And hatred of a species is a religion, and that is a road to disease and emptiness.And if you hunt you need to be taught the ethics of hunting; of honor and integrity.
I do not want to follow a deer poorly shot to end his suffering. Or to be asked where the bear is in order to kill him, when he is only trying to live like I am and doing me no harm.

The animal rights groups must understand that all things die and give their lives for others, and it is how this is done that is the issue. And a warning here, the ones who control the food control the world. Each of us must examine in detail where our food and clothing come from. And how it comes to be with us. And what dies to plant Cotton or soybeans, or harvest a field. And what are vitamin tablets are packaged in.
And what is the balance of all these thing?

The Farmers must be careful not to be caught in bigger is better. If you get bigger you run the risk of losing your soul. And quickly. We as farmers must look very carefully at our actions and keep them as wise and good as we can in a world that favours bigger and better.You must help folks understand that like the teachers/police and fire dept, farmers are important and food, good local slow food and clothing is priceless.

I write these things because I am tired. And I do not see change. I see apathy most of the time. Or the screaming rhetoric of religion of ideas.

And I see fear on all sides. So much fear that the different groups will not talk to each other as civilized people. Using our great gift that humanity has been given
And Compassion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

right on, T.


6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me Thinks that the people joining the extreme groups have done so because they don't want to see or acknowledge the middle ground.

However, "Right on, T" says it all.


11:55 AM  
Anonymous peggy quin said...

Dear T, Your work is expansive and helps us be more real. May we all become so. It feels so much better!

12:04 PM  

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